1.2t Electric EP Pallet Mover (Jack)

1.2t Electric EP Pallet Mover

    • Weight Capacity: 1.2 Tonne
    • Lift Height: N/A
    • Attachments: N/A
    • Tyres: Poly
    • Battery: Lithium Battery & Charger – 3 hour on one charge, quick re-charge time
    • Price: POA


    EP Electric Pallet Jack
    120kg Ultra-light service weight
    1200kg high rated capacity, come and go freely in small working space with 1390mm turning radius.


    With only 120kg self weight and a capacity to lift up to 1200kg the all new electric pallet truck 12EZ is optimized for the usage in a retail environment. Its small dimensions and modern design make it the perfect companion for shop floor application. The pallet lifter is as small as a normal, manual hand pallet truck but gives you the full advantage of a powered pallet truck. With its powerful Lithium Ion power supply this pallet lifter is easy to charge and always available. Due to its attractive price, the 12EZ walkie truck is perfectly suitable to replace your manual handpallet truck and increase the safety and ergonomics in your company.

    Great for undulating surfaces as the wheels are larger than your normal pallet mover with better clearance.

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