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5 Things to Keep In Mind when Buying a Forklift

When purchasing a forklift there are a number of factors you should keep in mind to ensure you purchase the right piece of equipment for your requirements.

1. What is your Usage?


  • If your usage is low, 3-4 hours per week, then a used forklift with hours anywhere between 12,000-20,000 hours would be ok to look at.
  • If medium usage is required, 3-6 hours per day, an ex-rental unit would be a good choice, around 8000, 15,000 hours. The forklift will have been maintained and serviced regularly by the hire company due to being in a rental application.
  • If high use, 7-10+ hours per day, a smart purchase would be a new forklift, or lease over 5 years. Generally new forklifts will have 1-3 years warranty.


2. Load Capacity and Size of Forklift


You will need to consider what your lifting requirements will by. Also, just important, how high will you need to lift your heaviest load.

Diesel, or LPG/Petrol forklifts will generally have a larger load capacity.
Electric forklifts generally have lesser load capacities.

Size is important to consider, if you have a small warehouse with narrow aisles, then an electric reach truck may be your only option as these generally work in tighter areas.


3. Budget


Be realistic with your purchase. If you only have a small amount to put towards your forklift purchase, then you need to keep in mind this forklift may be destined for the scrap heap sooner than you realize. If you do not have an adequate budget to invest, then you may wish to look at a hire option, or lease to own forklift purchase.


4. Electric, LPG or Diesel – Which fuel type?


Electric forklifts are widely used in the food industry, due to better manoeuvrability, less noisey, and ideal for smaller warehouses with less space for the forklift to work in.

Gas/petrol forklifts can have lower maintenance costs, have a longer life span and can be refuelled quickly.

Diesel forklifts are relatively more powerful and are generally more popular in the larger forklifts, or in rough terrain / 4WD forklifts.


5. Do your homework prior to making your call


Enquiring about Used Forklifts:

  • Does forklift have a service history?
  • What year was the forklift manufactured?
  • What environment has it been used in?
  • Is there any warranty given?
  • Ask if you can inspect the forklift?

Enquiring about New Forklifts:

  • What are the major components and running gear of the forklift? Ie where are they manufactured?
  • Background history of the manufacturer.
  • Warranty period given.
  • Proven reliability?
  • Parts and back up service from the seller.
  • Ask for a demo at your site, or at the seller’s site.

Remember, you are usually buying a forklift as a large investment for your business, so reliability and performance of the forklift will be a major factor in deciding which forklift to purchase.

All Lift Forklfits can assist you with your selection of the right piece of equipment you may require. We can come to your site for free and determine the correct forklift for your application. Give us a call on 03 97963299 to find out more.

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