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Liugong – Chinese Forklift Manufacturer

Facts about Chinese forklifts:
– Chinese forklifts are coming of age.
– It is a well-known fact that many other big name brands from the USA, Europe & Japan produce their forklifts out of China. Brands such as Toyota, Yale, Hyster, Crown, Nichiyu, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, plus many more.
– The days of Chinese forklifts being considered inferior are slowing fading, with many Chinese manufacturers abiding by international standards for forklift production.

Here at All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne), we have realised that customers are looking for backup service and spare parts support for the forklift they purchase. With the Liugong forklift range, this can certainly be achieved, with Liugong giving full factory backed support.

Liugong have a total of 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide, employing around 8000 people, including approximately 1000 engineers working in four world-class research and development facilities. Investing more than $40.8 million into R&D.

LiugongLiugong was founded in 1958, nearly 60 years in operation and is a leading Chinese construction equipment manufacturer. Liugong headquarters is located in Liuzhou, China, with one of the largest dealer networks of any Chinese exporter. It has more than 300 dealers in over 130 countries, all fully supported by regional offices all over the world.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne), are sole dealers for Victoria (Melbourne) Australia. After much research and a visit by the Managing Director and Sales Manager to the Liugong headquarters in Liuzhou, it was shown to them that this company was truly world class. The Liugong forklift brand has used proven technology and thrive in the rigorous setting – they are highly efficient, durable, simple to run, easy to service & offer affordable value.

We, at All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne), offer the Liugong forklift range, with full support and service & parts back up. The range covers 1.5t – 16t units in Electric, Diesel and LPG.
There is a selection of the basic, affordable range of forklift to the advanced, superior range, which is comparative to the Toyota brand of forklift.

See our range at forklift sales melbourne, or call 03 9796 3299 for information.

Forklift Accessory – Weight Scales

Some forklift applications require a weight scale (forklift accessory) to weigh the forklift load accurately prior to loading, for example, into containers, where the weight of the product is necessary for shipping, or for weight accuracy of the product for on sale where weight is important to the price of the product.
Weight scales can also ensure the load the forklift operator carries is not heavier than the forklift is capable of lifting, therefore avoiding unsafe work practices.

The weight scale can be fitted to the forklift aftermarket.

There are two main types of forklift weight scales, analogue and digital.

Analogue weight scales can be a cost effective method of weighing your forklift load. These types of scales can be a little more accurate than the digital scale type.
The cost for the product ranges, but an indicative cost would be around $1100+gst, including installation.

Forklift Parts Melbourne

Digital weight scales are generally more expensive, but some operators find them more favourable due to ease of reading the weight on the digital screen. An indicative cost would be around $1400.00+gst.

Forklift Parts Melbourne

Calibration of the forklift is required for an additional cost when the weight scales are fitted.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) can assist with fitting analogue or digital weight scales to your forklift on site.

Call on 03 9796 3299 for a full quote.

Used Forklifts

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) stock all types of used forklifts in Melbourne for sale.
All used forklifts we stock are fully serviced and ready to go.

Benefits of purchasing used forklifts:
1. Save Money: You can purchase a good used LPG 2.5t forklifts for anywhere between $8000 – $15,000, versus a new one anywhere between $23,000 – $30,000.

2. Proven Reliability: The used forklift has already been proven to operate at its previous home. Generally these forklifts have full service and maintenance histories providing the new owner with a list of what repairs and services the forklift has had in its life.

3. Purchase More Than One: As used forklifts are generally 50% (or less) cheaper than a new forklift, you may choose to purchase two used forklifts, giving greater workplace productivity.

  1. Already Familiar: A lot of newer forklifts have technology that confuses many operators, even experienced ones! Purchasing a used forklift ensures familiarity without the additional training, which can be costly and time consuming, therefore saving money.

Apart from used forklifts, All Lift Hire stock used reach trucks, used stock pickers, used walkie stackers and pallet movers, used rough/all terrain forklifts and a variety of used materials handling equipment such as carpet poles, lifting jibs, rotators, tyne extensions, container ramps, bale clamps and much more.

All our used forklifts have full service histories and are ready to operate as soon as they arrive at your premises. You may even wish to demo or hire before you buy.

Call All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) to arrange a quote, or inspection today on 03 97963299.

Lease vs Hire (or renting) vs Purchase of new & used Forklifts

Benefits of Leasing
1. Flexible choices, should your business grow, you may want to have more choices to build your business.
2. Latest equipment choices at low cost repayment plans.
3. No large outlay of cash.
4. Choice of terms to suit your budget, either 1, 2, 3 and up to 5 year plans.

Benefits of Renting or Hiring
1. Renting a forklifts entitles the customer ongoing maintenance costs included in their rental costs. Generally the company hiring the forklift looks after all maintenance costs.
2. Forklift Safety – all rental companies are responsible for the forklift maintenance and repairs on going. Looking after all repairs in the time the forklift is out on rental.
3. Choice of type of forklift – the customer can pick and choose what is required at the time the forklift is required. This allows flexibility if situations change in the work environment.
4. No large sums of cash to outlay – Choices of long or short term deals can be arranged with the rental company that can suit your budget at the time.
Benefits of Purchase
1. You own your forklift.
2. If you superficially damage the forklift, there are no 3rd party costs to repair the forklift.
3. Claim depreciation on your forklift purchase.

Whether you choose to lease, hire or buy a new or used forklift, All Lift Forklifts Melbourne & Victoria can assist you with the right choice. Whether it is for a forklift, reach truck or walkie stacker, we have the correct piece of equipment that will suit your budget and suit your application.
Call on 03 9796 3299 and one of our qualified staff can assist you, or visit us at:

Forklift Hire Melbourne Victoria

All Lift Hire t/as All Lift Forklifts are a Melbourne based forklift company primarily hiring/renting forklifts and other access equipment all over the Melbourne and country areas. We can hire, lease or can offer a ‘hire to buy’ option if this is more suitable.
We have great deals to suit your budget, large or small!

We have a large range of forklifts and other materials handling equipment to suit your requirements, whether the equipment needs to work inside your premises or outside on concrete, crushed rock or even wet muddy situations.

Forklift Rental Types
Our range of forklifts we hire include:
– Standard IC (internal combustion) forklifts, LPG or Diesel
– Battery electric forklifts, 4 wheel, 3 wheel, reach trucks, stock pickers & walkie stackers.
– Rough/all terrain forklifts, to suit those rough and/or muddy conditions.
– Sizes vary from 1 tonne to 16 tonne
Other Hire Equipment
– Scissor lifts
– Telehandlers
– Knucklebooms
– Pallet movers
– Pallet Jacks
– Safety Cages

Delivery Service to Your Door
All Lift Forklifts have their own delivery tow truck to delivery your piece of rental equipment to any location in Melbourne, and this can usually be done the same day, or next day.
Forklift will not run?
Our equipment is always given a pre-delivery check to avoid any possible ‘break-down’ occurring. If by chance the forklift does ‘fail’, we have our own service department, with technicians on the road at all time. We can attend within a minimum of a 2-hour turnaround, (generally sooner in most cases).
Fully Serviced & Maintained Hire Equipment
All our equipment have pre-delivery checks prior to being sent out for a rental. Once the forklift is dehired from your site, we will re-check (and service if required) once back at All Lift Forklifts. If your forklift hire is on a long term rental, we will attend to your site on a regular basis to give the equipment its regular preventative maintenance service at no extra charge to you!
Change Over Equipment
Once you have your hire equipment in place, you might ‘out-grow’ that piece of equipment. If you extend your premises, obtain higher racking, or even move premises, we can change over the forklift or other materials handling equipment to something more suitable for your new situation.

Contact our friendly staff on 03 979633299 to organize a forklift hire deal to suit you!

All Lift Forklifts, Hire, Sales – Melbourne Victoria

Our company, All Lift Hire Pty Ltd commenced business in Melbourne Victoria over 30 years ago. Commencing March 27th 1995 with our business name, All Lift Hire, but trading well before registration as All Lift Forklifts.
We are very well known in the industry primarily as All Lift Forklifts, having traded with this name for many, many years.
Our other trading names include: All Lift Melbourne, All Lift Forklifts Victoria, All Lift Forklifts Melbourne and All Lift Hire & Sales Forklifts. We were also known as All Lift Forklift Services in the early years, as demonstrated by an early yellow pages entry as displayed.

We have moved over the years, at first located in Carrum Downs, then re-established in Dandenong, with a final move to Hallam.

We are a Melbourne based company who deal with forklift hire, rental, lease, sales, service and repair.

Along with dealing with I.C. (Internal Combustion) and container forklifts, we also specialize in a variety of different materials handling equipment.

This equipment includes: All/rough terrain forklifts – capable of working in muddy wet conditions, reach trucks – suitable for internal premises where there are aisle restrictions and minimal space, stock pickers, scissor lifts, sweepers, walkie stackers, electric pallet movers.

We also deal with a range of accessories such as: pallet jacks, safety cages, bucket attachments, container ramps, 180 & 360 degree rotators, push/pull attachments, carpet prongs, jibs, bale clamps, fork clamps, fork spreaders & extenders, pallet pullers & 1.8m, 2m, 2,4m tyne (fork) extensions, plus much, much more.

Our size of forklifts range from 1 tonne – 16 tonne capacity, and the brand of used & new forklifts cover brands such as Liugong, Toyota, Hyster, Crown, BT, Linde, Mitsubishi, Clark, Yale, Sumi, Caterpillar, Raymond, Nichiyu, to name a few. Fuel types range from LPG, Electric & Diesel.

No matter what you are after in your forklift or materials handling requirements, All Lift Forklifts can help you out with getting the right piece of equipment for the job at hand.

Call us on 03 9796 3299, or email
See our equipment at

Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any enquiry you may have!


What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a powered piece of machinery used to lift loads & move them around to where required, over short distances.
The forklift can come in different sizes and via the load rating plate, depict what weight it can lift. This load rating plate is generally located toward the front of the forklift. Load capacities vary anywhere between 1 tonne to 20 tonne (plus).
The steering mechanism of a forklift is generally via the back wheels (steer tyres), which enable the forklift to turn in tight applications.
The hydraulics in a forklift are controlled by levers near the steering wheel. The operator of the forklift can also raise and lower his load that is located on the forks (or tines). This load can also be tilted towards the forklift, which will assist in preventing the load from slipping off the forks.

Some history behind the forklift:
Forklift were developed initially as a manual hoist used to lift various types of loads in the early 1900’s.
Developed later, the forklift became a battery powered piece of machinery. Due to labour shortages in WW1, 1917 saw the forklift develop into a powered tractor.
Through continuous processes and developments through the 1920’ and 1930’s, came the first hydraulic powered forklifts. (Soon after, the battery electric forklift was also developed).
Over the next few decades, narrow aisle electric reach forklift trucks were introduced, and in the 50’s and 60’s, due to operator safety becoming a concern, overhead guards and load back rests were developed and implemented.

The 1980’s saw the development of ‘ergonomics’ improving operator comfort and increasing productivity. Forklift exhaust emissions were a concern in the 1990’s, therefore emission standards were introduced for forklift manufacturers in many countries.

The forklift industry has increased year after year, and in 2011 was worth nearly $27 billion.
All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne Victoria) can assist you with finding the correct forklift to suit your requirements. Have a look at what we have to offer: or call on 03 9796 3299.

Forklift Seats

Forklift operators can spend a lot of time operating a counterbalance forklift or reach truck. Selecting the right seat is important for good health and correct posture for the operator.

As we all know, sitting for too long can be bad for our health, causing potential problems to your spine and many other health issues can occur over prolonged ‘sitting’.

To make the forklift operator more comfortable and lessen any future possible health issues, there is a good selection of forklift seats on the market.

When choosing a forklift set, assess how long the operator will be sitting in the forklift, to make the correct choice.

Forklift seats can vary in design, comfort and ergonomics.



Standard seats are popular, as they are of the cheaper range, and give some support, more suited for shorter sitting periods.


Winged backed seats can give comfort and durability, whist giving support on either side of the body.


Full suspension seats give the ultimate support, shock absorption and comfort, which is highly recommended for ‘long-time sitting’ periods.


Also, keep in mind, the forklift seat should be able to support up to 200kgs in weight, and should be fully adjustable (back and forth) to give operator comfort.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) can supply many types of forklift seats and seat belts.
Call on (03) 9796 3299 to place an order, or via email:

Forklifts for Sale in Melbourne

There are many different types of forklifts (new & used) that a consumer can purchase in Melbourne.

And there are many different ways you can purchase a forklift that is for sale in the Melbourne area.
You can search on the internet and you will come across forklifts that are listed on Gum Tree, Ebay & Machines4U amongst many other popular machinery listing sales.

There are things you should consider when purchasing a forklift such as:

  • There are many sizes which range from 1 tonne to 16 tonne (and even bigger if required). Size selection is important, as you need to consider the weight of the product you are lifting, which will dictate the capacity of the forklift you will need to purchase.
  • The type of forklift you choose is also important to consider. If your warehouse is small, then a 3-wheel electric forklift may need to be considered, as this type of forklift has a smaller footprint and can manoeuvre easily in small tight spaces. If you have high racking, then a reach truck should be considered, as the masts on this type of forklift can reach up to 9-10 metres in some models. If you only have minimal lifting required, then a walkie stacker should be considered, not only can this type of forklift be cheaper to buy, it can also be operated by a ‘non-forklift licensed’ operator, therefore saving extra costs.
  • Tyre selection is important to consider, if you are operating on rough or muddy surfaces, then a rough (all) terrain forklift should be considered, which generally have pneumatic tyres. Even if you are travelling on crushed rock, the standard forklift should have Untitledpneumatic tyres fitted to avoid the forklift getting ‘bogged’. Solid tyres operate better on solid surfaces, such as concrete and tar.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts) have a large range of new & used forklifts for sale in Melbourne, Victoria. We can provide on-site inspections to assist you with correct forklift selection to suit your application. We also offer after sales service and repairs, with fully equipped service vans and fully qualified technicians that can generally attend to your site on the same day, should a break down occur.
Call All Lift Hire (Forklifts) on 03 9796 3299 for a free inspection at your premises today!

More information:

Forklift Lifting Jib

Forklift Jibs are utilised as an extension of fork tynes to enable the safe lifting of an object via a hook attached at the end of the tynes. The jib usually slips onto the fork tynes.

There are various different types of forklift lifting jibs available.

Short or long, choice is made to suit the job application required.

Incline or rigid: Incline jibs have the ability to move in an upward and downward motion, enabling the object to be lifted at a greater height, which is of benefit if it is a long or big object.
Rigid jibs remain in one parallel position.

There are also varying weight capacities available. The weight of the object that is being lifted will dictate the jib capacity required.
All Lift Hire (Forklifts) can supply for rent or purchase 2.5t & 5t capacity forklift lifting jibs.
Call 03 9796 3299 for more information and pricing.