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    Forklift Hire, Forklift Rental & Forklift Lease

Benefits of Hiring / Renting a Forklift

• You know your cost per month to assist you in budget and planning.
• All equipment is work safe compliant to OH & S Standards, which will always be updated at our expense. No additional cost to you.
• Service and repair costs included in hire cost. No maintenance costs. (Therefore there are no unknown extra costs). And if the forklift does breakdown and cannot be fixed immediately another forklift will be sent out to you at no additional cost.
• Renting a forklift provides flexibility, as your company may grow, or you move premises, you can add & remove machines from your fleet easily. All Lift Hire will allow you to change or upgrade your forklift, even if you are under contract. Additional forklifts can be hired by your company in your busier periods, then dehire when no longer required.
• Rental / Hire rate is 100% tax deductible!



All Lift Forklifts

All Lift Forklifts