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Buying a Forklift (new or used) Melbourne

What forklift truck do you require?
Electric, LPG, or diesel? New or Used? Solid, pneumatic or non-marking tyres?Mast configuration? Weight of articles required to lift? Indoor or outdoor use?


New vs Used
Compare prices. If you are going to use a forklift for more than half a day, every day, you may want to invest in a new forklift. New forklifts usually offer 1-3 years warranty. Used forklifts may offer a limited warranty, usually 3 months if any.


Type of Forklift?
Electric vs Internal Combustion Engine? Electric forklifts are well suited for indoor use, a lot of food industries tend to choose electric forklifts. Electric forklifts are quieter in operation and are good for one standard 8-hour shift, about 5-6 hours of constant use.
Internal Combustion forklifts have the benefit of being refuelled ‘on the fly’ ie fill up or change the gas bottle and be ready for use straight away. Internal Combustion forklifts can be used inside, but these areas are required to be well ventilated. Internal Combustion forklifts can handle larger loads, ie larger than 15 tonnes.


Operating & Overall Forklift Condition
Check forks for any cracks or bends. Inspect mast for any cracks or leaks. Check lift chains for any damage or missing links.


Start forklift and run it, listen for odd sounds coming from the engine. Check seat belt works. Check rear back up alarm operates.


Once finished running the forklift, open the engine bonnet, check for any leaks or cracked hoses, check belts are tight and now worn or cracked. If checking an electric forklift, check all battery connections are in good condition, and there is no corrosion.


Tyre Requirements – Solids or Pneumatics?
Solid tyres are best suited for concrete flat surfaces, whereas pneumatic (inflatable) tyres are best suited for outdoor, uneven surfaces. These can be used on well compacted crushed rock.


Do you require extra attachments to your forklift to better perform your job requirements?. A sideshift can be of benefit, as it allows the operator to move the load from left to right, right to left for precision placement of loads.


Mast Configuration
Are you entering containers, if so, a low-masted container forklift can be useful as it has the ability to enter containers and empty your container load without manually handling the product.


Supplier Reputation
Check if the supplier has a current website, check if there are any testimonials etc.
Service History (Used Forklifts)
Does the forklift have a log book, does it show service history? Ie services of the forklift logged.


Rating Plate
Located on the forklift, this shows the safe working load, specifications of the forklift, upright height and attachment type (if any)


Spare Parts
Check availability of spare parts of the model you are inspecting. Make sure parts are not overpriced.
Service Back Up
Check the supplier can support you with service back up, ongoing maintenance and break down repairs if required.


Ask what type of warranty is given, with used or new forklifts.
Purchasing a forklift can be a big investment, so you should do some homework to guarantee you will purchase the right forklift to suit your requirements.


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