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Large Selection of Quality Battery Electric Forklift Trucks for Sale or Hire


All Lift Forklifts can supply for sale or hire many types of battery electric forklifts such as,
counterbalance 3 and 4 wheel forklifts, reach trucks, stock pickers, walkie stackers and electric pallet trucks (movers).



What is a Battery Electric Forklift


Battery electric forklifts utilize a battery, similar to a car battery, although the battery in the forklift can be a lot bigger. Some plug straight into single phase power, such as certain types of walkie stackers, and other have a separate charger, which generally require a 3-phase power supply to run.



Why Choose a Battery Forklift over an LPG or Diesel Forklift


Battery electric forklifts are environmentally friendly. They are fume free in operation. This may be an advantage if your warehouse deals with the food industry or similar.


They are quiet in use, and are generally more manoeuvrable than engine powered equivalents, due to the battery weight acting as a counterbalance, enabling the truck to be more compact in size.


The cost of recharging the battery overnight can be considerably less than replacing gas bottles or filling a tank with diesel fuel. The maintenance and servicing costs of electric forklifts is usually less than engine powered alternatives, since there are so few moving parts by comparison.



All Lift Electric Forklift Range


Our large selection of used electric forklifts for sale and hire vary in lift capacity ranging from 750kg to 3000kg, with various lift heights and container masted forklift options available. Popular forklift sizes: 1.5 tonne, 1.8 tonne, 2 tonne, 2.5 tonne, 3 tonne Forklift Models such as: Toyota, Hyster, Nissan, Komatsu, Crown, Linde, Caterpillar, Nichiyu, Clark, Hyundai, TCM, BT, Yale, LuiGong.



Browse our large range of quality electric forklifts for sale or hire online today!


Select the size and type of forklift you require below:
• Counterbalance Electric Forklift 1-2.5 tonne
• Electric Reach Trucks 1-1.6 tonne
• Electric Walkie Stackers 1-1.6 tonne
• Electric Stock Pickers 1-1.5 tonne
• Electric Pallet Jacks (Pallet Movers) 1-2.5 tonne




Lease Finance Available on Forklift Equipment Purchase.


Quantum Finance provide a full range of finance facilities including:
• Chattel Mortgage, • Finance lease, • Operating Lease, • Hire Purchase.

All Lift Forklifts

All Lift Forklifts