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Forklift Battery Maintenance

To give your forklift battery the best opportunity to have a long running life a number of important simple procedures should be implemented as follows:

  • Only charge your battery when required. If you charge the battery too frequently you can reduce the life span of the battery ie: charging twice a day will cut the battery life.
  • On the other hand, do not let a discharged battery sit too long without charging as this will also reduce the life span of the battery.
  • Do not allow the battery to discharge over 80%.
  • Try not too interrupt a charging cycle if can be avoided, ie charge at the end of the day when the forklift use is finished for the day.
  • Always clean top of batteries and cell covers.
  • Water battery with clean water, preferably de-ionized water at least once a week.
  • Only water the battery after a full charge, not before as this can damage the cells.
  • Do not overfill battery as this may cause overheating.
  • Make sure battery cools down after charging, generally for approx. 2-4 hours.
  • If leaving a forklift not in use for lengthy periods, unplug battery from power.

If you remember all the above key points you will have optimum battery life for your forklift. Batteries can be expensive, so it is in your best interest to look after your battery, and it, in turn, will look after you.

For more information on battery maintenance, or any other enquiry on batteries for your forklifts call our serviced department on 03 9796 3299.

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