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Forklift Hire with Driver

Do you have a small (or large) lifting job which requires a forklift and qualified forklift driver and you don’t have a forklift licence?There are many ways you can resolve your job requirements as follows:

  • Whilst organizing your rental forklift from a reputable forklift hire company, ask the company if they can assist you with a licensed forklift driver with your forklift hire.


  • Estimate how long you may require the forklift driver for. If only required 1-4 hours, many times the transport driver of the forklift will be able to assist with the driver job. Ask the forklift hire company if this can be arranged. This would provide you a cost effective method of completing all tasks at hand, forklift hire, transport of the forklift and forklift driver.


  • If you require a forklift driver in Melbourne, Victoria for longer than 4 hours, advise the forklift hire company. They will be able to organize a separate forklift driver to complete the job. It is always important to have all information at hand, ie job site address, what work will be required of the forklift driver, and estimated time of job completion, to ensure you obtain an accurate quote at the time of your enquiry.


  • Alternatively you can organize your own forklift driver, (which may be of benefit if the job is going to be over a day in labour), by contacting a job recruitment agency. Although, in most cases the forklift hire company should be able to organize this for you also, which may be a better alternative as they are professionals with this and will ensure you obtain a licenced, experienced and fully qualified forklift driver to complete the task at hand.


  • You could obtain your own forklift licence, which usually entails a 3 day course to complete. This would be a viable solution if you are intending to have continuous forklift hires over a long period. This may not be a viable solution if you only have odd jobs, as the cost of the licence can be as high as $600+. It is a legal requirement through Work Safe Victoria that all operators driving forklifts have a forklift licence. A licence is required for all ‘sit-on’ forklifts. A licence is not required for any ‘walk-behind’ equipment, such as walkie stackers and pallet jacks (trucks).


  • Costs associated with forklift driver hire, can be anywhere between $45+ per hour, and up to $95+ per hour, depending on how long you require the driver for. Forklift hire costs will depend on the size of your forklift, between $60 – $150+ per day, for 1-5t forklifts.


All Lift Forklifts (Hire Pty Ltd) can assist you with all your forklift hire, transport and forklift driver needs. We can provide you with an experienced qualified and licenced forklift driver for any small or large job you may have. Drivers can be provided from fifteen minutes up to a full day or longer. Call All Lift Hire on 03 9796 3299 to obtain a free quote.

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