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Forklift Lifting Jib

Forklift Jibs are utilised as an extension of fork tynes to enable the safe lifting of an object via a hook attached at the end of the tynes. The jib usually slips onto the fork tynes.

There are various different types of forklift lifting jibs available.

Short or long, choice is made to suit the job application required.

Incline or rigid: Incline jibs have the ability to move in an upward and downward motion, enabling the object to be lifted at a greater height, which is of benefit if it is a long or big object.
Rigid jibs remain in one parallel position.

There are also varying weight capacities available. The weight of the object that is being lifted will dictate the jib capacity required.
All Lift Hire (Forklifts) can supply for rent or purchase 2.5t & 5t capacity forklift lifting jibs.
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