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Forklift Safety Cages

What is a safety cage?
It is a cage that allows a person to be lifted safely by the forklift tynes to allow the person to perform a task at a high level.

The cage is generally constructed of strong steel and usually has a high back that sits closest to the forklift carriage. This reduces the contact with the working parts of the forklift and the person in the cage.
Railings comprise the other 3 sides with a door for entrance and exits on one of those sides. The cage must be OSHA approved.

Forklift Safety Cages

The safety cage is lifted by the tynes of the forklift being inserted into the bottom of the safety cage, which is then locked in by loading pins behind the heels of each of the forks.
The tynes should be locked into position whilst operating with the safety cage and person, they should never be moved.

The forklift must be strong enough (have sufficient capacity), to lift the person and the cage.
It must always lift the mast in a vertical position, never in a tilted position.
The forklift should not travel at high speeds at any time whilst carrying the safety cage and person.

Persons in the safety cage must wear a safety harness and lanyard which is attached from the person to the safety cage.

Basic safety steps to prevent falls should always be followed whilst operating a forklift with persons working at high levels in a safety cage.
For more information on safety for falls prevention have a look at: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/9161/basic_steps_falls_prevention.pdf

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