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Forklift Safety

Forklifts can be a dangerous piece of equipment if not used/driven in the correct way. Forklifts have been proven to cause serious injuries in workplaces in Victoria.

It is important to remember that people and forklifts do not mix. A sensible and practical traffic management plan should be implemented in all workplaces that operate forklifts, with separation of people and forklifts the main aim. A major factor with injuries (& even death) associated with forklifts is falling loads off forklifts. Loads on forklifts must be secured at all times whilst operating a forklift.

To reduce risks of forklift-related incidents, there are many factors to consider:

  • Fully licensed and qualified forklift drivers should be operating the forklift.
  • Hi-visibility vests and seat belts should always be worn.
  • Operator pre-checks of the forklift prior to driving, such as checking for any brake     faults, warning devices, tyres, mast and tynes.
  • Look around you, observe the surrounding area. Check the overall height of your load and check the load is secure.
  • Drive at safe speeds, observing speed signs at all times.
  • Ensure clear visibility at all times whilst driving the forklift.
  • Do not lift a person on the tynes of the forklift. A safety cage should be used to carry a man.
  • Do not overload the forklift. Each forklift has a load capacity rating, this rating should not be exceeded.
  • Load your product evenly on the tynes.
  • When parking the unit at the end of use, ensure the forklift is parked in a designated area, key switched off and removed.

Remember, most incidents that occur with forklifts are preventable. When you use a forklift correctly and obey all rules and regulations, the risk of injury will be greatly reduced.

For more information on forklift safety, visit our forklift safety news page:

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