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Forklift Safety

Safe Operation of Your Forklift

If you don’t abide by some simple rules and common sense your forklift can become a dangerous piece of machinery. Accidents can cause serious injury to employees and cause serious damage to buildings, other equipment and your forklift.

Follow these simple basic rules to ensure forklift safety:

  1. Use qualified operators
  2. Ensure seatbelt is worn at all times.
  3. Check forklift prior to commencing operation, ie brakes, steering, warning lights, seatbelt, mast, tyres etc.
  4. Unattended forklifts should be parked with motor off and key removed.
  5. Make sure load you are travelling with is raised approximately 100-130mm off the ground.
  6. Slow and stop at all blind corners, honk your horn prior to commencing the forklift.
  7. Make sure your load is secure to ensure it won’t accidentally fall off.
  8. Make sure you have clear visibility whist driving the forklift.
  9. If driving up an incline or ramp, drive forward, when coming down the incline, drive in reverse.
  10. Avoid driving behind someone who is not aware of the forklift being there.
  11. When parking the forklift, ensure tynes are lowered all the way down.
  12. Never operate the forklift with a person walking underneath.


It is a good idea to have your forklift checked by an authorized forklift mechanic to avoid any mechanical failures which can cause problems to arise.

All Lift Forklifts offer full forklift Worksafe checks when we come to service your forklift. Visit us at https://www.allliftforkhire.com.au/forklift-repairs-services-maintenance-melbourne-victoria/, or call us on 03 9796 3299.

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