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Forklift Seats

Forklift operators can spend a lot of time operating a counterbalance forklift or reach truck. Selecting the right seat is important for good health and correct posture for the operator.

As we all know, sitting for too long can be bad for our health, causing potential problems to your spine and many other health issues can occur over prolonged ‘sitting’.

To make the forklift operator more comfortable and lessen any future possible health issues, there is a good selection of forklift seats on the market.

When choosing a forklift set, assess how long the operator will be sitting in the forklift, to make the correct choice.

Forklift seats can vary in design, comfort and ergonomics.



Standard seats are popular, as they are of the cheaper range, and give some support, more suited for shorter sitting periods.


Winged backed seats can give comfort and durability, whist giving support on either side of the body.


Full suspension seats give the ultimate support, shock absorption and comfort, which is highly recommended for ‘long-time sitting’ periods.


Also, keep in mind, the forklift seat should be able to support up to 200kgs in weight, and should be fully adjustable (back and forth) to give operator comfort.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) can supply many types of forklift seats and seat belts.
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