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Forklift Servicing and Preventative Maintenance Safety Checks – Why is it important to you?

As part of Worksafe, there are specific servicing guidelines that need to be adhered to when you own or handle forklifts.

Regular servicing of your forklift is highly recommended. Scheduled servicing period is recommended to occur every 200-250 hours of forklift operation.

Services (that are completed by competent service technicians) will not only service your forklift, but will also conduct a general safety check of your forklift, to ensure it is operating at its maximum safety requirements.


Benefits of Regular Servicing:

* Regular servicing of your forklift will allow for peak performance of your forklift.
* Servicing will assist in minimal breakdown situations occurring.
* Will allow for identifying any imminent dangerous situations occurring.
* Will reduce any downtime that may occur if the forklift should breakdown due to lack of service.

Forklift battery maintenance is also very important to ensure your forklift will run at its optimum performance and not fail due to lack of correct servicing.

When your forklift is serviced by a competent service provider you should receive a general service safety report, and a written entry into your forklift log book, which is generally located with your forklift. Any defects or problems with your forklift should be advised to you immediately.



Regular forklift services and safety maintenance checks are highly regarded by Worksafe Victoria.

All Lift Forklifts Melbourne provide regular scheduled service and preventative safety maintenance checks to all types of forklifts and other materials handling equipment, which include: LPG, Diesel and Electric Toyota, Hyster, Nissan, TCM, Yale, Crown, BT, Raymond, Linde, Mitsubishi, Ausa plus many more.

All Lift Forklifts have fully qualified, competent technicians to perform full safety checks whilst performing servicing to all your equipment.

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