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Forklift Tynes and Forklift Extensions / Slippers

Forklift tynes are the 2 prongs that hang off the front of your forklift carriage.
Tynes can come in various sizes, longer, shorter, thicker and wider, and different weight capacities. The size is determined on the forklift working requirements.
It is important to check your forklift tynes for any wear and tear, and damage. If worn or damaged the fork tynes will need to be replaced.


When a service technician services / checks your forklift, he/she will also check your tynes as part of a safety check for any defects, cracks or wear signs. The technician will also inspect where the tynes connect to the forklift, at the top hook, for any wear and tear or any defect.
The tyne arms will also be checked for any bends. If a ‘bend’ is detected greater than .5% of the length of the arm, it will either need to be replaced or repaired.
Forklift tyne extensions (or slippers) are used to temporarily lengthen the fork tynes for stabilization, enabling the forklift to carry longer loads. Tyne extensions fit over the existing forklift tynes.
It is important when fitting tyne extensions that the length of the slipper is legally the correct length in accordance with the existing tyne.


The correct length of the tyne extension / slipper in comparison to the existing forklift tyne should not be any longer that 167% of the tyne. The tyne extension design should adhere to AS safety standards, be supplied with locking pins and fitted with a rating plate.

All Lift Hire (Forklifts) can assist you with determining if your forklift tynes are safe or not. We can also assist with supplying you with a new set of tynes or repair your existing tynes (depending on the damage). All Lift Hire also stock forklift extensions/slippers in various sizes for sale or hire.
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