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Forklift Tyres

New, Used, or Re-groove existing tyres

All Lift Forklifts can supply you with any new or used forklift tyre you may require for your forklift. Please call us on 03 9796 3299 for a free quote to fix, repair or supply you with any type of forklift tyre.

All tyres replaced include old tyre removal.

Solid Forklift Tyres: These are the most common forklift tyre fitted to forklifts. Solid tyres are puncture proof and maintenance free. There is a choice of black or non-marker tyres. Non-marker tyres are popular for many industries where black rubber tyre marks need to be eliminated, in industries such as food and pharmaceutical. Solid tyres can be re-grooved a number of times before they reach their wear lines.

Pneumatic Tyres: These tyres are air-filled tyres, similar to car or truck tyres. Containing a inner tube and inflating valve. Application would be suitable for gravel or rough ground.

Cushion Tyres: Being made from very hard rubber compound, they are thin compared to solid tyres. Cushion tyres have a longer life span than any other type of forklift tyre due to their hard compound rubber.

Urethrane Tyres: Designed for mainly indoor use, urethane is hard wearing. Generally used for walkie stackers, reach trucks, pallet jacks and other smaller lifting equipment.

Puncture Repairs: We can come to your site and repair any forklift tyre puncture. Call us on 03 9796 3299 for a free quote. Please be sure to have your tyre size available, or your model and serial number of the forklift.

Re-grooving: If your solid forklift tyres have worn away, so the ‘groove’ is no longer present, we can come to your site and ‘re-groove’ each tyre. This will then restore traction in the forklift tyre.

Please call 03 9796 3299 for a free over the phone quote.

Forklift Tyres

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