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Forklift Used in Underground Tunnel

All Lift Hire will go out of their way to assist companies when it comes to hiring materials handling equipment.

Michael Rawlings, All Lift Hire Service Supervisor, received a call from Leighton Contractors early January 2015 to hire a 10-12t forklift. Not a big deal, except the request from Leighton Contractors was very unusual. The problem was the forklift needed to go underground and needed to weigh under 10t. A 12t forklift weighs around 14-16t. Leighton Contractors were laying culverts for the tunnel at Tullamarine Airport.


As with all requests at All Lift Hire, we didn’t think this was a task that was beyond us, we suggested we could dismantle the forklift to get the weight under 10t.


Two x Technicians, Michael Rawlings and Luke Hadow went to the site at Tullamarine and dismantled the mast, cabin and counterweights to have the forklift craned in. Other modifications were also required to the forklift to adapt to the requirements of the forklift working underground. This took 2 days to achieve, but the end result was a working forklift, underground at Tullamarine.


The team at Leighton Contractors was more than happy with the efforts from All Lift Hire.


All in a day’s work for All Lift Hire!

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