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Pallet Jacks / Pallet Trucks – Manual & Electric

A pallet jack/truck is used primarily to pull/transport a load that is usually placed on a pallet or skid at ground level.

Manual pallet jacks are not motorized and generally utilized for carrying loads in short-distance runs.

An electric pallet jack is motorized and is generally utilized for carrying loads in mid to longer -distance runs in an efficient way.


The manual pallet truck is operated by the pushing or pulling by the operator, whereas the electric pallet truck is motorized, with no manual pushing or pulling by the operator, therefore less labour intensive.
Generally the load capacity for both manual and electric pallet jacks is 2500 kilos.

A forklift licence is not required for either the manual or electric pallet jack.

Operation of the manual pallet jack/truck
Locate the release lever, which is generally situated on the top of the middle handle. Stand behind the pallet jack. Push inward on the lever, which will drop the prongs to the floor. Manoeuvre the pallet jack prongs under the pallet.
Once in position, use the handle to jack up the pallet with load, by pulling the handle towards you, (away from the pallet).
When the pallet is raised off the floor, you can pull the load in the direction required. Make sure there is no ‘drag’ on the load. If there is, try raising the prongs a little more.

Operation of the electric pallet jack/truck
Make sure to unplug the pallet jack from the battery charger.
There are controls located on the handle with arrows pointing up, down, left and right.
To move the pallet jack forward, push the forward button, to move it backwards push the reverse button, to move in left or right push he left and right arrows.
Manoeuvre the pallet jack into position, under the pallet, then slight lift the pallet with load with the up arrow. Once the pallet is safely placed on the prongs, you can move the load to the designated area.
Always plug the electric pallet jack into the battery charger at the end of use.

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