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Quality Rough / All Terrain Forklifts for Sale

We Can Supply A Great Range of Rough / All Terrain Forklifts!

Ausa Range

Model NumberLoad Capacity
C150H 4WD/2WD1,500kg
C200H 4WD/2WD2,000kg
C200H Compact 4WD/2WD2,000kg
C250H 4WD/2WD2,500kg
C300H 4WD/2WD3,000kg
C350H 4WD/2WD3,500kg
C400H 4WD/2WD4,000kg
C500H 4WD/2WD5,000kg


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Applications For Rough / All Terrain Counterbalance Forklifts
• Building Sites – Unload bricks on all types of rough terrain, wet or dry.
• Fencing Applications – Great in the wet!
• Wineries / Vineyards – Where surfaces can be undulating.
• Large Ovals – No problems in the wet.
• Industrial Sites – Uneven surfaces can prevail.
In fact any surface a normal convectional forklift cannot travel on.


Types Of Rough Terrain Off Road Forklifts Available
Masted Rough Terrains – great for all open building sites.
Buggie Style Rough Terrains – great for where you may have low clearances.
2WD Options – great for building sites!
4WD Options – great for travelling up steep ramps!


Ausa Rough Terrain Forklifts For Sale
• Authentic reliable rough terrain machines.
• Compact design allowing work in narrow area.
• Ability to work on difficult areas, due to ground clearance and a selection of ‘rough’ terrain or ‘floatation’ tyres.
• Versatility, wide range of options to suit your needs.
• Single lever operation, use of joystick to have full machine control.
• Tilting cabin – allows for ease of serviceability.
• Constant 4-wheel drive. Full grip (4×4 on demand) or 4×2 with differential locking.
Applications in a wide range of industries, such as construction, farmers, agriculture, orchards, wine growers,
poultry farms, transport, brick companies, timber wholesalers, hire companies, nurseries, market gardens etc.


Interested in the purchased of a new or used all terrain forklift – please call us on 03 9796 3299 for brochures or information!


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All Lift Forklifts