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Renting versus Buying a Forklift in Melbourne

You may ask yourself what is more beneficial, hiring or buying a forklift for your company.

The purchase of a forklift can be a large expense, and you may not have the budget for it, therefore renting may be more beneficial to your company.
Long term hire options can be a benefit as you can usually negotiate a lower price. You then know week to week what your expenses are.

All forklifts need to maintain a level of safety requirements at all times when using the forklift. When hiring a forklift in Melbourne it is up to the rental company to adhere to any local or federal government regulations pertaining to safe operation of the forklift. In Victoria this regulation falls under Work Safe Victoria, https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/safety-and-prevention/health-and-safety-topics/forklifts.
If you own the forklift, this is then up to you to make sure the forklift is in ‘good’ health at all times.

Service Costs
When renting a forklift in Melbourne you can take advantage of no maintenance or service costs. These matters are generally taken care of the by the rental company. When you purchase or lease a forklift, all maintenance, repairs and service costs are the responsibility of the owner. So, when hiring a forklift this can be more beneficial as regular rental payments are easier to budget for than unforeseen repair and service bills that have not been budgeted for.

Choosing the correct Forklift
When you purchase a forklift, there may be limitations on what you can do with that particular forklift. For example, an extra heavy load has to be shifted in your premises over a period of time, but your forklift is not capable of lifting it, due to its permitted load capacity. If you choose to rent a forklift, then there is flexibility to changeover the forklift temporarily to cope with the extra load in this period, then to change it back when completed with the task.

In summary, there is no clear answer in deciding whether to buy or hire a forklift. The answer is up to you to decide which is more cost effective and beneficial for your company. All Lift Forklift (Hire Pty Ltd) can assist with evaluating your requirement s and what may be best for you. Contact our Melbourne team for a professional opinion and evaluation on 03 9796 3299, or visit us at https://www.allliftforkhire.com.au/

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