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Safety Harness requirements working with EWP’s

When hiring an Elevated Work Platform (EWP), such as a scissorlift, boom lift, cherry picker, stock picker or any other material handling equipment where the person/s need to be elevated a safety harness and lanyard may need to be considered, but this may not be required for all equipment.

The safety harness should conform to AS1891 standards. Worksafe Australia advise that it is advisable to adopt a risk management approach to prevent falls when working at a height of 2 metres or greater. There are some situations where fall protection is required and some situations where there it is not required.

All workers operating an EWP should be properly trained and taught in safe operating procedures for the type of equipment they are using and handling.

Training should be provided by the organization where the equipment will be used on how to properly use any fall-arrest equipment, including harness’s and lanyards, along with appropriate emergency rescue methods should the need arise.

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When working on equipment such as cherry pickers, all persons must wear a shock absorber as a safeguard against any mechanical let down of the basket. The lanyard length must be as short as possible.

Although it is not a legal requirement from Worksafe Australia to wear a harness & lanyard when using a scissor lift or stock picker, it is highly recommended as a consideration for the safeguard of the person/s using this type of equipment. The necessity of wearing a safety harness whilst operating a scissor lift may be up to the site requirements to address, which may have this as a site obligation.

In summary, always make sure your EWP is in a safe and sound operating condition, check your harness and lanyard is also in a safe operating condition and wear it when required, don’t overload your EWP and take care with all tasks at all times.

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