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We Can Supply A Great Range of Telehandlers (Taurulift)!

Ausa Range

Model NumberLoad Capacity
T133H 4WD/2WD1,300kg
T144H 4WD/2WD1,350kg
T204H 4WD/2WD2,000kg
C250H 4WD/2WD2,500kg
T235H 4WD/2WD2,300kg
T276H 4WD/2WD2,700kg
T306H 4WD/2WD3,000kg
T307H 4WD/2WD3,000kg


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Ausa Telehandlers For Sale or Hire
Lift capacity 1-3 tonne range.
Lift height 4-7 metres.
Lateral boom, rear engine, reduces width, greater manoeuvrability.
Only telehandler with tilting cabin to give greater ease of service.
Front chassis driving site with all round visibility, increasing safety on site.
Widest range of compact Telehandlers on the market.


Advantages / Features
• Lateral boom and rear engine position allows a reduced width to manoeuvre in inaccessible areas.
• Front plate with a great swivel which allows a high versatility for handling loads
• Very low machine weight provide low tyre pressure on the ground and reduces erosion.
• Great chassis ground clearance combined with the 4WD improves the operation on rough terrains.
• Rear counterweight fully protects the machine and gives maximum stability and load capacity.
• Its compact, functional, robust design enables the machine to be used on intense, tough work in small spaces.
• Front/tilting folding cabin to facilitate access during maintenance work.
• Highly progressive and easy to operate REXROTH hydrostatic transmission, ensuring greater work safety and productivity.
• Cabin with large interior and ergonomic, intuitive controls (joystick) keeping fatigue to a minimum and making operation safer.
• Excellent 360 degree visibility.
• Height of cab of only 2m makes it possible to handle materials in construction underground and in green houses in agriculture.


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