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Used Forklifts

All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) stock all types of used forklifts in Melbourne for sale.
All used forklifts we stock are fully serviced and ready to go.

Benefits of purchasing used forklifts:
1. Save Money: You can purchase a good used LPG 2.5t forklifts for anywhere between $8000 – $15,000, versus a new one anywhere between $23,000 – $30,000.

2. Proven Reliability: The used forklift has already been proven to operate at its previous home. Generally these forklifts have full service and maintenance histories providing the new owner with a list of what repairs and services the forklift has had in its life.

3. Purchase More Than One: As used forklifts are generally 50% (or less) cheaper than a new forklift, you may choose to purchase two used forklifts, giving greater workplace productivity.

  1. Already Familiar: A lot of newer forklifts have technology that confuses many operators, even experienced ones! Purchasing a used forklift ensures familiarity without the additional training, which can be costly and time consuming, therefore saving money.

Apart from used forklifts, All Lift Hire stock used reach trucks, used stock pickers, used walkie stackers and pallet movers, used rough/all terrain forklifts and a variety of used materials handling equipment such as carpet poles, lifting jibs, rotators, tyne extensions, container ramps, bale clamps and much more.

All our used forklifts have full service histories and are ready to operate as soon as they arrive at your premises. You may even wish to demo or hire before you buy.

Call All Lift Hire (Forklifts Melbourne) to arrange a quote, or inspection today on 03 97963299.


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