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What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a powered piece of machinery used to lift loads & move them around to where required, over short distances.
The forklift can come in different sizes and via the load rating plate, depict what weight it can lift. This load rating plate is generally located toward the front of the forklift. Load capacities vary anywhere between 1 tonne to 20 tonne (plus).
The steering mechanism of a forklift is generally via the back wheels (steer tyres), which enable the forklift to turn in tight applications.
The hydraulics in a forklift are controlled by levers near the steering wheel. The operator of the forklift can also raise and lower his load that is located on the forks (or tines). This load can also be tilted towards the forklift, which will assist in preventing the load from slipping off the forks.

Some history behind the forklift:
Forklift were developed initially as a manual hoist used to lift various types of loads in the early 1900’s.
Developed later, the forklift became a battery powered piece of machinery. Due to labour shortages in WW1, 1917 saw the forklift develop into a powered tractor.
Through continuous processes and developments through the 1920’ and 1930’s, came the first hydraulic powered forklifts. (Soon after, the battery electric forklift was also developed).
Over the next few decades, narrow aisle electric reach forklift trucks were introduced, and in the 50’s and 60’s, due to operator safety becoming a concern, overhead guards and load back rests were developed and implemented.

The 1980’s saw the development of ‘ergonomics’ improving operator comfort and increasing productivity. Forklift exhaust emissions were a concern in the 1990’s, therefore emission standards were introduced for forklift manufacturers in many countries.

The forklift industry has increased year after year, and in 2011 was worth nearly $27 billion.
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